Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week One: Settling right in

Believe it or not, the view from our deck. 

Our first morning in Lillehammer

Sitting on moss, "fishing"
We arrived in Lillehammer around 5pm, just Erik, Greta and me. After a quick dinner, Greta and I were in bed by 8pm, and slept soundly through the night.

The next two nights weren't quite so easy for either of us. Both Greta and I woke around midnight, and were up for quite a while. This persisted for a few days for me, but after the third night in Norway, Greta's sleep schedule seemed to normalize.

We spent our first full day in Lillehammer, a Sunday, enjoying the perfectly beautiful weather. We walked just a quarter mile up the road to the trails that Erik and I had hiked on 3 years ago. We found some blueberries, and enjoyed a little time by the lake. We missed the energy of Tika around the house, but she would be joining us soon.
Picking blueberries with Pappa

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