Monday, August 23, 2010

Job and Greta update

Just a regular day today. Brought Great to the barnehage in the morning, I took Tika for a nice run on the trails, and attempted to study a little Norwegian.

But the other day I stumbled across a job posting for a jordmor (midwife) at the local Lillehammer hospital. I've been intending to call the head midwife there anyway to introduce myself, but this provided the incentive to do so a little earlier than I had planned.

I quite nervously dialed the number, was connected with someone other than I had wanted to talk to, and managed to get the appropriate number. I then spoke with Ragnhild, who sounds very friendly, and after saying "Jeg heter Emily Stange. Jeg er ei amerikansk jordmor. Kann vi snakke på Engelsk?" we switched to English, and chatted for a few minutes. I explained why were in Norway, that I was applying for authorization to work as a midwife, we intended to be here for quite a while, I plan on taking Norwegian classes, and briefly described my midwifery position back in the US.

She explained that the job is a 75% position, on the labor and maternity (postpartum) floor, working every 3rd weekend, and all shifts (morning, afternoon, and night). She stated they have a German midwife as well, but I failed to find out what language she communicates in. She encouraged me to submit a "letter of application" along with explanation of how long my applications might take to be processed.

All in all, it was rather positive. I spent the afternoon brushing up my CV and composing my letter!

I picked up Greta from the barnehage in the afternoon, and found her being held by Kristopher, with her binky in her mouth, looking quite sad. Turns out she had taken a little spill about 10 minutes earlier, hitting her mouth on something rather hard--rock? ground? Her inner lower lip had a cut on it, but her face wasn't at all cut up.

It wasn't until half way through dinner that I looked really closely at her upper teeth. Her left front tooth was no longer even with the right front tooth--it had definitely been pushed up into her gum, and was even shorter than the incisor to the left of it. There was some bleeding around her front teeth, but none of them seemed at all loose. I know dentists and doctors won't really do anything about loose or knocked out teeth in toddlers, so there's really nothing we can do. A quick email to my experienced mommy-posse (Dr. Sara, Katie and Katie) affirmed my suspicions: can't do anything. 

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Recently moved here huh? Exciting! You can expect me to be stopping in and reading up on your adventures. Your little Greta is adorable!