Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Day to Day Challenges: part "en"

What this doesn't tell you is that a "normal
bomull" wash cycle takes 2 hrs and 20
One of the challenging parts of this move, in relation to non-mastery of the Norwegian language, is my resulting dependance on Erik for very mundane, everyday activities. Reading the mail, signing permission slips for the barnehage (daycare), setting up the cell phone service, fixing the iPod,  having ownership of the only activated bank card in the family (mine is coming, I hope), and reading the owners manual to the Norwegian  washer.


So imagine my utter delight when (after our washing machine broke this morning--not so delightful) Erik discovered that underneath the Norwegian washing icons were ENGLISH icons! I was one happy husmor (housewife). 

It still doesn't explain why our washing machine broke, or why it takes so utterly long to do a normal cold wash. Today we are grateful for landlords, and that the diapers were washed before the machine broke, and for English words on our appliances.

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  1. Norwegian energy efficient washer = 24 hours before a dirty cloth diaper is finally cleaned and dried. Or do you have a drier too?