Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sommersdag at Maihaugen

Up close and personal with a prize winning calf.
Sunday was the Sommersdag celebration for children at Maihaugen (the open air museum), and since we have an annual pass, we decided to partake of the festivities.

A Summers Day it was not, despite the calendar reading August 29. I am told, and I'd like to believe, that this is abnormally cool weather for Lillehammer at this time of year; it was about 50 degrees and misting. As you can see, we were dressed in fleece, rain jackets, hats, and plastic covers for the stroller.

The activities were definitely geared for older children (zip line across the pond, anyone? care to build a wood toolbox?), but Greta thoroughly enjoyed a wagon ride behind a horse, painted a lovely picture in the art barn, got a pink balloon, and met some calves. We even ran into a few families that we knew, 3 to be exact, which makes us feel like we actually live here.

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