Tuesday, December 20, 2011

life is a bit nuts!

I had every intention of getting a "Christmas letter" up on the blog, for those who are doing a season check-in. I can't believe nearly a month has gone by since a real update--butter shortage post not withstanding.

But, we have been a little busy. We successfully moved out of our apartment on the 10th of December and into the yet unfinished house. The whole family is sleeping on mattresses in the downstairs office/guest room, and our kitchen consists of a refrigerator and microwave. There are no doors in the house yet, and I find myself turning OFF lights to go the bathroom, because if you're on the toilet, and lean a leeeeeeetle to the right. . . I have a great view of our neighbor's front door. 

But, it's coming along. The upstairs is nearly completely painted, lighting is nearly completely done and I think we have move into our bedrooms upstairs after Christmas. Erik is working steadily on the kitchen cabinets, and we should have our counter in place today. Now that we are all in the same house, my nights are much more house-focused than they have been for the past, oh, 7 months. For the first time in 7 months, once Greta is asleep, I get right to work on house projects (namely painting). My Norwegian homework is suffering, my blog is ignored, and Greta's doll's Christmas dress is not getting knitted. 

May 20th:
Peering into the kitchen
On top of it all, there's this whole Christmas season approaching us. Greta is enjoying a chocolate advent calendar, and getting very excited about the Nisse Far visiting on Christmas. We're kind of having a hard time keeping our stories straight, or rather, combining them together. She seems to "understand" that Santa brings presents, as does the Nisse Far, so they really are the same people. But while Santa lives in the North Pole, the Nisse Far really doesn't. Santa comes down the chimney, but the Nisse Far doesn't seem to need to do that. The combination of English and Norwegian books and movies, stories and theater performances she's seen is confusing. It's probably best to just let her lead the story, and put together whatever combination she prefers. 

Dec 20th:
Peering into the kitchen
There is so much more like I'd to write about: the house progress, progress on the nursing/midwife license, the Christmas letter, Norway's butter shortage, my Norwegian class, a email correspondence with a American midwife in France, and things I referred to many posts back and promised to write about but never did. Alas. . . only 24 hours in the day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011