Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frisør for Greta

Crazy morning hair.
Well, if nothing else gets done on this vinter ferie, at least Greta got a cute haircut.  The morning snarls were becoming a bit unbearable, and she has a cowlick in the middle of what would be bangs that make actual bangs a little difficult. She's also not entirely agreeable to pigtails or hairclips every morning, so. . . what's a mamma to do?

Greta got one Norwegian haircut back in October that set us back 320Kr ($57). (Are you kidding me? I hadn't remembered that, but my reconciled Quicken account doesn't lie). Trust me, it was not a $57 haircut, even with the 25% tax. I was considering cutting it myself this time, but. . .
Quite pleased to be sitting on a hest at the frisør.
oh. . . so nervous. . .

Our landlady recommended a little frisør (hairstylist) in Lillehammer who cut her own toddler's hair, a nice bestemor (grandmother) type, who did a nice job. Off we went, and Greta sat quite happily on the antique horse while the bestemor frisør clipped and chatted and layered and worked with those curls. And, I must tell you, I explained to her på norsk (in Norwegian), how we were hoping to grow out the bangs, what a mess her hair is in the back in the morning, maybe cut to here, some layers to bring out the curls and lighten it up. . .

End result? Darling.
And as somber as she looks, she's really quite
pleased with the results (as am I

Cost? Just 190Kr ($34). Well worth it. Actually, when she said to me, "190 Kroner," I thought to myself "Really? Wow. That can't be right. I probably didn't understand her (entirely possible). I'll wait for the receipt to double check. Wow! I was right!"  (I know, still utterly ridiculous for a 2 year-olds haircut, but this is Norway prices I'm dealing with here, and you just have to trust me.)


  1. Absolutely adorable!! :) I wish I could pull off a short style like that!

  2. Very cute! I am yet to have my hair cut here in Norway, I have it cute in England still. It's cheaper for me to fly home on ryan air and have it cut!

  3. That was meant to say "I have it cut" not "I have it cute!" Greta looks very cute!

  4. Greta always looks cute as a button, but that is a great haircut!

  5. Whoa! I just read "nurse" and perked up. I am a nursing student and we have talked about moving to Norway. Is there anyway we can chat via email?

  6. Sure Andrew. Would love to answer some questions. Just let me know how I can contact you. I can't access you through blogger profile, as your profile is "locked".