Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cuppy Cakes for Greta

Mmm. . . deilig!
There are moments, as a newish mother, that it hits you that you are actually a mom. Making 36 cupcakes for Greta's upcoming 3rd birthday to bring to the barnehage tomorrow was one of those moments.

The cups are pink with balloons, the cake is chocolate, the frosting pink, and sprinkles pink, green, yellow, brown (and applied very carefully by Greta herself).

Tomorrow (is Friday, and her birthday is Sunday) at the barnehage she will be Hurra'd and get to wear a crown and a cape and sit on a thrown cut out of a tree, and kids will dance around her and bow, curtsey, nod, spin, jump and dance. Norway has a very lively birthday song. No wonder they don't mind that we're bringing sugary goodness: they burn off all the calories singing their birthday song!


  1. mmmmmmm delicious cuppy cakes!! nom nom nom.

  2. I am sure she will have an awesome day! Gratulerer med dagen da! :D

  3. That sounds like a perfectly proper way to spend a birthday. I think everyone should incorporate a crown, cape and thrown in their birthday :)

  4. Yum Yum!! Way to go mommy :) What delicious memories for Miss Greta! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRETA!!!