Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a little catch-up

It is "vinter ferie" in Norway, several week chunks of time when Norwegian school shut down for a week (staggered around the country) so families can use up their generous vacation time and/or scramble for childcare for those not in barnehage. My own Adult Learning Center is also on Vinter Ferie, so I have the week off as well. I have been looking forward to it for a loooong time, as I feel like my norsk kurs organization has gone to the pits. All I've been able to do is keep up with the material from class, and not actually do any catch-up from my alternative learning material.

And now it's nearly noon on my first day off, and all I've managed to do is 1) sleep in (that was nice)  2) let Greta sleep in (also nice)   3) get Greta to barnehage by the 9:30am cut-off   4) catch-up on Oscar winners and Natalie Portman baby bump gossip   5) minimal Facebook time-suck, I swear   6) start our US Federal Taxes. Seriously! Proving to be a big pain, as I expected them to be.  7) a teeny bit of laundry.

I have big goals for vinter ferie which include 1) a few days off with Greta  2) haircuts for me and Greta  3) possibly traveling to Oslo with Erik to watch a World Championship ski race???  4) taxes   5) transforming the yarn room into a guest room for March guests  6) finishing two sweaters that just need to be blocked and seamed  7) photo albums updated for the last year   8) BLOG UPDATES, on, like, Norwegian class. And last but not least, 9) mastering the Norwegian language, one verb at a time.

Stay tuned!


  1. Enjoy your winter holiday! Mine was last week (had no idea they staggered them around the country!) and I did not manage to get anything on my "to do" list done and spoke "bare litt norsk"! Oh dear!

  2. If you make it to Oslo cheer hard for Kikkan Randall! She is our greatest hope!

  3. Yarn room?? You have a yarn room?