Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What we do when Pappa's gone

Erik is in Trondheim for two days worth of meetings. Here is how Greta and I entertain ourselves while he's gone.

Greta watches ballerina videos on YouTube
(you can't see it, but she's wearing a ballerina skirt).

Yummy British beer and camembert for Mamma,
and Mac&Cheese for Greta
(it's called "Mississippi Belle"--how can it be bad?)

I repot new plants into boring white containers.
BTW: the upper left is not a "Christmas
cactus," but a "høst cactus" (fall cactus)

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  1. Oh, BTW, your fern and poltos (sp?) seem to like my watering habits, but I over watered the jade and we are in mending mode right now. He's already on the upswing. And "our" Christmas cactus is about to bloom. I'll post photos when it does :)