Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Honestly, this is quite ridiculous

This is not going to win me any winter-time visitors, but I feel I must report on the current goings on in Lillehammer. There is a cold snap in central and southern Norway that I am being reassured is highly abnormal for late November/early December. This morning it was -6F, and at 1pm this afternoon it is now a balmy +5F. Forecasts for Friday have temps around -25C, which according to my handy converter is about -13F.

Now before anyone thinks, "Well, Emily, you moved to Norway. . . what did you expect?" I will say I was expecting it to get cold, just not this soon! Minnesota and Vermont have their fair share of bitterly cold weather, usually deep into January, so I am well accustomed to cold cold weather. But I was led to believe that Lillehammer had winters not unlike Minnesota, not like, oh I don't know, somewhere really really cold.

Tika begged and pleaded with her big brown eyes to be let out last night around 10pm, but once the door opened and that cold air hit her, she backed up out of the door, turned around, and went straight to her bed.

I read in the paper today (really I did!) that Storbrittania (can you guess where that is?), okay, Great Britain is also experiencing record breaking cold temperatures, also around -15C. On the other hand, in northern Norway, where one might expect it to be colder, it is actually above freezing! To which I say in my best childlike-taunting voice, "Welllllll. . . . . I've got Sunshine, Yes I do! I've got Sunshine, How about You?"


  1. It IS abnormal, at least compared to my life here (the last two winters). It's usually this cold after Christmas. I'm just crossing my fingers that this also means it'll get warmer sooner!! ;)

  2. It WILL "warm" back up. It's not just going to get colder as the winter progresses. Tika better start adjusting though!

  3. This weather is crazy,is'nt it! Im hoping it's not going to get colder, I'm not sure I will cope! Thank goodness Norwegians know how to build well insulated houses cause we are warm and toasty inside!

  4. Ok, so today it was 49 here in Maine! And rain! I'm still waiting for snow beyond the squall we had a week ago.