Monday, November 15, 2010

First "real" snow

We got our first substantial snowfall on Friday and Saturday, perhaps about 5 inches of light fluffy snow. Unfortunately, too light to make a snowman, but enough to play in and make our surroundings that much prettier.
Warm Girl Waits for Snow 
Det snø!

View from the living room

Happy Girl Plays in Snow


  1. We have snow too! Yours looks better though, and Greta looks so cute and bundled up in her snow suit (I think Im gonna need one of those!)

  2. Wow, what a view from your livingroom! :)

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for the email, I'm sooo pleased to find another Minnesotan-in-Norway blogger to keep in contact with. Yea for snow! (at least up until Christmas, that is...)

  4. Is that a Norwegian snow suit? Friends here get all sorts of awesome winter gear from relatives in Norway. Their kid is always so content to stay outside while H is crying for being too cold. Ah well. He probably got that from me, to C's chagrin... We've skied a few times... very exciting!