Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post-Halloween letter to the editor

A letter on the back page of the local paper (kind of letter to the general public) today read:

Can we not cut out all of Halloween? Is there anything positive about it? My children have never had permission and it hasn't been a problem! 

Signed "Anti-Halloween mom".

Now, I'm not a huge crazy-Halloween fan, but c'mon Boring Lady! Dressing up in a crazy costume? Visiting your neighbors and having them giggle and comment on your get-up? Walking around the neighborhood on a dark, chilly night, running into your friends and classmates disguised in their crazy costumes? That alone is fun for a kid. I don't even have to mention the candy. . .

I feel sorry for the kids of that mom. Not that they didn't ever go Trick or Treating, but if that's her attitude about kids and fun, I hate to imagine what her idea of fun is. . .

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  1. Hear, hear! Totally agree! I read so many comments, not just from Norwegians but this year from a South African woman I know, that Halloween is a terrible American commercial export leading to the ruination of society and children's teeth. I'm not a big Halloweenie now but I was when I was a kid because, um, it's FUN!!! Lighten up, anti-Halloween people!