Friday, November 25, 2011

Newspaper, day two

So, what happened after my appearance on the front page of our local paper, criticizing a Norwegian governmental agency?

By 12:48pm that same afternoon I had an email in my inbox from the section leader of the nursing-license agency. It was a brief email, and basically said: "I regret that the processing of your complaint has taken a long timeSAFH has considered your complaint and added your comments and new information as a basis for review of your application for certification as a nurse. Our original decision to reject is now changedI refer to an unsigned copy of the new decision that is attached."

Our original decision to reject is now changed! I wasn't floating on clouds, but I must admit--I was feeling pretty smug. It wasn't until about 5 minutes later than I realized there was an attached PDF and I opened the 4-page document, written in Norwegian. of course Having seen one of these letters before, I flipped to the final page, where they summarize their requirements. And there it was:

"In order to document that you have the necessary skills as a nurse in the Norwegian health care system, you must go through and pass the following courses and practice."

1. 3-week class in national subject for nurses (this was not a surprise, this is required for all foreign-educated nurses)
2. Minimum 6 weeks supervised clinicals in psychiatric healthcare (Still....???)
3. Minimum 5 weeks supervised clinical in medicine or surgery nursing  (Whaaa . . .???)

How is this different from their decision, after wrongly interpreting my four-year bachelor + master's degrees in nursing to be a two year degree, that they made in January 2011? What did they require me to do then?

4. 8 weeks of eldery care nursing (this is now removed)
5. National licensing exam for new nurses (thank God. . . this was a huge one).

BUT. . . 
After providing them with 12 weeks of full-time student employment on a med-surg floor, plus the documentation about my master's degree training, (not to mention our referring them to a Norwegian woman with a St. Olaf nursing degree just 3 years younger than I, who was approved for a license without all the bullshit extra clinicals). . . they did not change their requirements on psych clinicals at all, and they only reduced their requirements for med/surg clinicals from 8 weeks to 5 weeks! 

Don't read any further Mom, 'cause I'm about to use some profanity. . . 


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