Thursday, May 19, 2011

Opinions on a new Støvsuger?

This is a question for all you Norwegian readers. . .

I'm looking for a new støvsuger (you know, English readers. . . a dust-sucker?), and need some help. We have wood floors with a few scattered area rugs. . . but dog hair, too. It seems that most European model vacuum cleaners aren't designed with a rotating brush like a traditional American vacuum. (I'm assuming this isn't a problem, although our rugs don't seem to be quite as deep cleaned as before).

What do you recommend? Is there a Norwegian/European version of Consumer Reports I can refer to? Brands to avoid? A model that has won your heart?


  1. I could tell you which støvsuger NOT to buy- the crappy one I bought at Jernia and have been kicking myself over every since. But maybe this will help?:

  2. I'm not Norwegian, but I love my Phillips FC9171 for "all floors". It is powerful (meaning, what I would expect from an American vacuum), I haven't had any problems with it and I have had it for 3 years now . I use it on our oriental rugs and hardwood floors, and it's cheaper than the Miele which most of my friends have. TV2 has a whole series of "best i test" and their vacuum cleaner test results are here:

  3. The best vacuum ever is miele vacuum. It works great on wood and rug and has a cheap attachment if you like the rotating part for your rugs. I can plug it in and do the whole house, corners, stairs, couch corners, rugs, kitchen/bathroom floor without drama and then go back and do the rugs with the rotating thing from time to time. I have the cheapest model and it does well. I have had mine for 6+ years and it still works like new. I love love love it.

  4. Miele fan me too :)

  5. Hi! First, thanks for commenting on my blog, it´s nice to meet you! Welcome to the area! I am a member of the dog club in Lillehammer. Usually I haven´t been up there that much but I am taking a course right now which ends in two weeks. So we have two Mondays left!!
    Lillehammer seems like a cozy town, I don´t really get up there that often, but there is no reason I don´ is almost as far for me to Lillehammer as it is for me to Hamar!! We were there at Christmas and it was so cozy how everything was decorated for the holidays...and the horse drawn sled down the center of town was cool!
    On facebook the group which is ok is just for women, called Norsk Ting (I believe that is the name. Send me a message on facebook and I can send your name to the leader of the group- you have to be invited is how I understand it...hahaha)
    You have a dog, I will have to read further down to see what kind! We are dog crazy here! Too dog crazy actually but for now this is how it is!
    As far as vaccums....Miele is a good brand. I can´t recall of the top of my head what I have, but it is something circulates the air....ugh, that doesn´t help much- sorry but I am on my way to bed, so I will have to look it up later.
    Take care and thanks again for visiting my blog!! :-))
    Amy :-)

  6. thank you soooo much for the tips you left me! i had no idea to even see if the microchip works!!! i will have to contact my vet ASAP to get this info! i totally appreciate your one else has moved with pets, so it is nice to see it actually CAN be done :-) have a wonderful day!

  7. Hope you have solved the dust-sucking challenge. I have actually been mentally preparing an answer to your questions in my head but haven't gotten them to you in virtual form... life is crazy. I have been working literally around the clock...I am posting this at 2:54am and it doesn't even phase me. So that Bergen's test post was inspired by you! I took the test April 9th and got the results back a week ago!