Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy busy busy

I know, I know. . .
Our first Syttende mai in Norway, and I don't even have a post up. For all of you die-hards, wondering how our first Norwegian Constitution Day was in Norway, you're just going to have to wait a bit longer.
And the other crazy stuff going on in our household, also wait a bit for news and pictures.

I'm putting in serious time studying Norwegian, as the norsk prøve 3 (Norwegian test 3) is coming up on Tuesday. I am not sure how it will go, as it consists of 2 parts: a speaking portion, in which I am paired with a partner, and we are given 2 different topics to talk about together, and then an individual topic. These topics are usually something along the lines of, "talk about traditions in Norway compared to your homeland", or "talk about differences between generations", or "what makes for a good life". Vague, strange stuff, that I don't feel I have sufficient vocabulary to address. I will be surprised if I pass the speaking test.

The second portion of the test is reading, listening and writing. I believe I will pass, likely pass and probably not pass this portion of the test, in that order. Ahhh. . . such confidence!

I won't have results til mid-July, but will write an update on Tuesday on my initial impressions of norsk prøve 3!


  1. I can't believe they're having you take the test so soon! Hopefully you'll get a good partner for the verbal portion.

  2. @Siri: It's my choice. They are offering us one "free" test during this school year.
    If I want to take the national 3 wk nursing course in Novemer (yes. . . 5 long months away), I have to pass Norsk prove 3. But. . . the tests are offered too late in October for me to have results in time for the November nursing class.
    So. . . since it's free. . . I thought, what do I have to lose? If anything, it will be good experience and practice.

  3. Good luck Emily! I am just so impressed with you! Norsk prøve 3!!! I'm convinced I will fail Norsk prøve 2! I will be thinking of you on Tuesday!

  4. Does norskprove 3 test qualify student to study bachelor program in Norwegian?

  5. Eyad: My understanding is that no, it does not. I believe you need to pass the Bergen's test. But, I am not trying to study a bachelor's program in Norway, so I am not 100% certain. I am about 90% certain, however. You would probably have to check with the individual university that you are looking at.