Thursday, October 28, 2010

Første snø!

That's "first snow", if you were struggling to find the "ø" key in Google Translate.

I feel I would be remiss if I did not make note of the first snowfall of our first fall in Norway: October 27th.

We woke in the morning to find the ground lightly covered with snow and thick flakes falling from the sky.  It kept up throughout the morning, including during my run to the barnehage with Greta in the jogger, snuggled in with fleece, down, and plastic encasing her. Tika and I took the long way home from the barnehage, running through the woods while the snow blew around us. It was very pretty. By the afternoon it had turned to sleet, then rain, and a day later there are no signs of snow anywhere.*

That's okay. I must admit: I'm a little nervous about winter! I like winter, and I like snow, but I'm nervous about the length of the winter. In the past I've been excited about the first snowfall of the season, but this year I'm not looking forward to it as much.

*Actually, after heading out for a morning run I discovered that the roads are slick with ice, and the trails are a combination of ice, frozen mud, and remnants of the snowfall. 


  1. Im nervous about winter too, so you are not the only one! Lets hope our first Norwegian winter is a mild one!!!

  2. We had the first snow here that stuck to the ground at our house, so here we go! Do you guys have the same light (or lack thereof) that we get in Anchorage? I resist every year, but I always look at SAD lights and get a bit jealous of people who have them. I got Neos overboots last year and am in love with them. Seriously consider getting them, especially if you are going for daily hikes to drop off/pick up Greta.