Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally Fall, Lillehammer style

View from our kitchen of 
Birkebeinervegen (our road)

The "must have" flower
of Norway's fall
 It's been rainy and overcast for the past few weeks, it seems. But finally, the rain and clouds have cleared, and we have beautiful weather forecasted for the next week. We are looking forward to it.
Our humble home!

A bird's humble home!

View of Lillehammer
from our driveway

Greta, age 2.5 years, and
Tika the Noble One, newly 6 years

Such beautiful weather, we just
had to eat outsid


  1. Your house and property is gorgeous!! Sweet view of Lillehammer! :D

    Today was ridiculous almost felt like summer. I was bummed I had to work all day. Could have definitely had an evening shift tonight!

    Btw, if you and your husband are looking for a good date night, you should come to Hamar and eat at the restaurant I work at---Victoria Haven! It's really nice and the food is delicious! Just a thought ;)

  2. I love your updates... it's so fun to hear how things are going, what you are doing, see photos, etc.

    your photos are so beautiful! Fall here is just about over, and the snow is creeping down the mountainsides. Today was really nice, but I had to spend the good parts at work!

  3. Beautiful! That's heather? Lovely. Your color for Autumn looks just about like ours right now here in Wisconsin. We are just past prime colors.
    Greta's rosy cheeks are too adorable!

  4. Beautiful view from your beautiful home! Lets hope this weather lasts and we have a mild winter with lots of sunshine and blue skies!!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog & thought I would say Hello... looks like you are adjusting really well. I look forward to reading more.