Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Essay: What I did this summer

It takes approximately 4- 6 weeks for a container of household goods to be shipped from Vermont to Norway. We decided that the easiest transition for our little family was to maintain consistency by plopping ourselves down in essentially one location: Minnesota. Minnesota is home to both sets of parents/grandparents, who would welcome all 4 of us for as long as we needed a place to stay. 

Greta and Erik visiting
Great-Oma Stange
After a quick tour of Princeton, New Jersey, where we visited Greta's Great-grandmother, she and I flew from the Princeton area (Pennsylvania, actually) to Minnesota, while Erik and Tika drove the trusty Subaru.

Greta and Tika in the backseat of a very full Subaru

We picked strawberries, 
went canoeing,
played on the beach, 
hung out with Minnesota friends, 

and Minnesota grandparents, 

took side trips to Texas to visit college roomies, 

and to Washington DC to visit Uncle Jeremy and Amber*.   And that is how we spent our summer vacation. 

*My apologies to J&A, as I do not have a picture of us all on this computer. Stay tuned.

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