Friday, September 17, 2010

New Appliances: Updated List

When we left the US, we had to leave behind loads of electric appliances that we couldn't use in Norway (TV, DVD, stero, alarm clocks, microwave, blender, food processor, slow cooker, toaster oven, hair dryer). Some we were happy to leave--our vacuum cleaner, for example. Others, like our trusty $20 garage sale coffee/espresso machine, were harder to part with.

We've been lucky that the home we are renting has a number of appliances in it that we can use, so we haven't had to rush out and buy a TV, stereo, toaster, washer/dryer, vacuum cleaner.

But, in case you wish to psychoanalyze our priorities and deep-seeded needs, here is what we felt we needed to buy, in order of their purchase.
  1. Hair dryer and Alarm Clock (3 days into our stay)
  2. Baby monitor (1 week into our stay)
  3.  Cell phones (we don't have a land line)
  4.  Espresso machine (used, and not working well)
  5.  Microwave (5 weeks into our stay)
  6.  Electric toothbrush, iron, and. . . anyone care to guess what this is?

To be continued. . . .


  1. I had to smile reading this because it is so familiar. Our toaster, alarm clock, and (until recently) my hairdryer are all over 20 years old and we don't have a TV or radio or many lamps. I guess they are low on our priority list. :)

  2. Not sorry to leave behind your vacuum cleaner?! I'll pretend to be insulted, since that (or some ancestor) was your wedding gift. :-)

    I'll guess boot dryer/warmer for the appliance. or an electronic bracelet holder? Nasal vacuum?

  3. You are correct, Linda!
    Boot dryer it is!