Monday, July 29, 2013

Now that's customer service

I am not alone in saying that Norway is not exactly known for its customer service. Norwegians themselves even admit this. No local grocery store offers to bag your groceries and certainly would never offer a very pregnant woman if they could help her push a heavy grocery cart through the icy, snowy, uneven parking lot or even lift her heavy bags into the cart. Ask me: never happened. Nor does a cashier even bother to push the button to assemble my groceries in a smaller pile at the end of the grocery conveyer belt when I have a small infant strapped to my chest, making it nearly impossible to stretch across the counter and grab those few remaining items that are out of reach. The cashiers instead sit and stare, or better yet, get up and walk away.

So I was shocked to see the following parking sign at the Norwegian Outlet mall that we stopped at on our recent trip to Sweden.

Special designated parking spots for families with young children! How novel! How helpful! How very customer friendly!

But the Norwegian Outlet malls took customer service to a level that I have not even seen in America.

They have special designated parking spots for their headless, wheelchair bound customers.

Now that's customer service.

Yeah, Norway!


  1. Hahahaha, that's too funny. :D
    I've used family parking spaces back home (if I can call it that??) in Scotland, but haven't seen them over here. It's a great idea which our local mall ought to implement, and which would have saved my car from having a kiddies door slammed into it TWICE. Grrrrrr....!
    Hope you've had/are having a good summer! :-)

  2. I have never understood the reluctance of the cashier to give the conveyer belt one last tiny, little tap of power to move my remaining groceries down to where I can reach them. WTH? Seriously, W.T.H? Good to know that when my head explodes from that frustration, I'll have a reserved parking space somewhere. :-)

  3. I have seen those at grocery stores in England too. I wish they would catch on in the States. The cashiers/baggers at the Co-Op are the perfect example of good customer service - they are super friendly, bag everything, know my kids' names, and always offer to help me out to the car.