Monday, November 5, 2012

Breaking News on NRK 1 for Wednesday 6th of November

Finally, after several months of waiting, the news report on my nursing/midwife "case" is being aired on NRK1 Østnytt at 18:40. (this is a regional production of NRK's news, aired in just Hedmark and Oppland fylker in Norway. 

For any of you who are interested, you can go to NRK's Østnytt site tomorrow evening and watch the evenings news. It will be a 5 minute segment. We had originally hoped that the segment would be aired on the much-viewed national Saturday evening news program, but apparently the editors-in-chief kept changing their minds on what the main focus of the segment should be. We are happy at this point to simply have it on the air, and the journalist has said she plans on filming follow-up interviews beginning tomorrow.

I will post more tomorrow, after the segment airs. 


  1. hipp hipp hurra! I will be watching online tomorrow.

    1. I am not sure how quickly it will be available online. As of 9pm tonight they didnt have today's 6:30 news available online, so who knows. . .

      But thank you regardless!

  2. It's online now (8:30 pm, CST in the US.

  3. It apparently aired on the national news around 9pm and was up on their website a few hours later.