Monday, April 30, 2012

Parents in the News. . .

When Erik and I announced that we were moving to Norway, one of the most common questions was "what do your parents think of this?" The truth is, my parents have been bitten by the travel bug themselves, so I blame them in part for the desire to get out and see a bit of the world. After their retirement in 2008 from 30+ years in academia, they bought a small RV, shipped it to Europe and have spent 3 months every summer since then exploring various regions of Europe. 

Mom and Dad at Stonehenge, 2011

When my mother first mentioned this crazy plan to travel around Europe in an RV that they had yet to purchase, I was skeptical. Ok. . . picture in your minds a "typical" retired American RV'er. I don't know what comes to your mind, but whatever it is--that isn't my parents. So when I kind of scoffed at the idea, my mom responded somewhat forcefully, "Oh, we're doing this, Emily!" 

And do it, they have. The first fall they visited Holland and parts of Belgium and France, second summer was France, third summer was Italy and bits of Austria, fourth summer was England, Scotland and Wales, and this year will be Norway! They have a blog of their own, and they recently attracted some attention from the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, who interviewed them recently for an article in the Sunday Travel section.

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