Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are those trees? No. . . not trees. . . .

Around 6:40 this morning, I let Tika out the front door for her morning sniff around. Blurry-eyed myself, and without both my contacts or glasses, I wandered into the kitchen to begin preparing Tika's breakfast. I could hear her growling outside, and figured a neighborhood cat had dared cross through our yard. I squinted out the kitchen window, and something in the far corner of our yard--about 20 meters away--caught my eye. It appeared to be a new collection of long, gray, spindly tree trunks. . . with large bodies on top???

We had three large moose standing in our backyard!

I yelled up to Erik, who had a fantastic view from our bedroom window, and I ran to the bathroom to grab my glasses. If I had mistaken three moose to be trees, I obviously hadn't seen them very clearly! I returned to the living room just in time to see them turn and prance out of our yard, over the fence and down the hill between our neighbors' homes. My camera was in my hand, but not quite fast enough with the lens cap.

It is a bit surprising to see them this far down the hillside. Our neighborhood is rather quiet, and on the edge of town, but not terribly close to the woods. Tika seemed quite happy to return inside to the safety of her home. I don't think she returned to the backyard this morning.

I find it a little ironic that moose have notoriously bad eyesight, and that they perhaps see people as clearly as I first saw them this morning. "Huh. . . what are those new brightly clad talking bushes doing in my path?  Oh. . . they must be people! Ok then, time for me to go. . . "

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