Monday, January 30, 2012

Greta in the News

From our local newspaper, a few weeks ago:

"Hiking buddy in the snow"

 The kids at Birkebeinerfrilufts barenhage have gotten a new hiking buddy: “Unbelievably fun” thinks retiree Karl August Haslestad.

Last spring the barnehage listed an job opening: “Seeking hiking companion”.
Winter Happiness:
Out in the woods by the
Birkebeiner Stadium, kids enjoy
themselves in the snow. Greta
and Tora Kristine dig and relax
with each other.
“I have a type of grandfather role and are with the kids on their hike one time a week,” says retiree Karl August Haslestad.

The teacher, previously at Smestad middleschool, appreciates being with children. “They inspire me and make me a better grandfather for my own grandchildren.” Says Halsstad.

Out in the woods, the kids have romped their way through the deep snow and taken a tour to the tee-pee. Some went by skiing, others by walking.

“It is so fun with snow! Hurray!” shout Peter and Alberte.

A bit more in, we hear the sound of children’s songs “Frosty the Snowman”  and “Its snows, it snows”, goes on repeating.

While their hiking buddy and grandfather Haslestad pushes the swing faster, the kids sing in full voice.

“We will travel to Spain!”

“ No, Africa!”

“Ok then.”

They also sing “Africa, Africa” to the melody of “Michael Fox”.

Why did you look at the job position? Asks the reporter.

“I really appreciate working with children and outdoor life. And it’s good to use the retired existence for something meaningful.”

You do this of free will and without pay? Asks the reporter.

“Yes, my pay is happy and satisfied children who give me unbelievable more happiness in life.” Says Haslestad and smiles.

“Yes, Karl August, faster, faster!” shouts Isak.

The now retired teacher had taught at Smestad since 1973, but now is done with work life.

“I recommend other preschool/daycares do the same. This is a super arrangement,” he says.


  1. Go Greta! Now you are part of the "immigrants in the newspaper gang!"

  2. Hi. I'll be taking norskprøve 3 this May. I arrived in Norway June of 2011 and have been studying norsk since August last year.
    'searching for sample questions for both muntlig and skriftlig and came across two of your posts:

    I've written down the questions you've mentioned and will try answering them myself :)