Monday, October 3, 2011

I Scream, I mean. . . Ice Cream

Today the ice cream truck drove through our neighborhood, ringing a delightful little bell. It parked right in front of our house, and two kids and their dad came running up. Didn't seem to matter that it was about 55 degrees and cloudy.

Is it just me, or is the picture on the side of this ice cream truck not a little creepy? The little girl is giving the ice cream man a kiss? Is that not a little child-sex-predator-ish?

It struck me as very weird. Hence the picture.


  1. Before I even read this post, as the picture was coming up I said: "Ew!". So no. Not just you! :) I think for Norwegians the difference between summer and winter (or, say 55 degrees and cloudy) is whether you have 4 ice creams a day or only the one.

  2. Jeg er enig med dere! Very odd picture, especially the way the "mom" is looking on so approvingly. Wouldn't it be WAY better if it was the mom locking lips with the ice cream man while the daughter stared at them, horrified? ahahahah! I'm sick, I know.

    I'm totally down with the norsk love for ice cream, though! It's one of my favorite foods. I had an ice cream sandwich yesterday as a pre-dinner snack. :-)

  3. Pictures definitely a little creepy....or a lot. I am womdering if it is supposed to be an American family btw...not really a typical Norwegian thing with the baseball cap?

  4. Had to steal your picture for my blog.. (talking about Norwegians & their ICE CREAM... hope you don't mind ?