Friday, September 30, 2011

Foundation poured. Does paint dry faster?

 The digging and excavating for the addition began last week. It's amazing what a mess a few big digging machines made of our yard. I'm also a bit surprised at how slow this part of the process feels. It's been over a week, but there's only a 3-foot high foundation sitting there. Granted, there is this huge hole as well. . . And did I mention the mess?

Inside it feels like we've made more progress. The kitchen is completely sheetrocked. Our front hall and downstairs bath tile has been delivered. And today, Erik and our carpenter removed the stairs (from the first to second floor). We have ordered stairs--as a complete finished package--that will arrive sometime next week. Erik had seriously considered building them himself, but in the end decided he already had enough
on his plate. Wise decision, my friend.

Check out the door on on the back side of the house: if you look closely, you can see that on the inside there is a smaller window framed in, and yellow insulation surrounding it and completely covering the door. That will be our kitchen window over the sink. There will be no door. But Tika doesn't quite understand this. She's been running through the house--in front door, out back door--in back door, out front door--for the last 4 months. Despite the fact that from the inside there is no door visible anymore--covered with plastic, insulation and now sheetrock--she still goes and sits in front of the "door" and looks at us expectantly. . . can you, please please please, open the door and let me out of this dangerous and noisy hell hole? I just want to go sit in my bed in the back of the car and take another nap. . . 

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