Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nursing license (SAFH) update. . . finally

Today I received this letter from SAFH (Statens autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonnel), aka "the people who decide if you can work as a nurse and midwife".

"In response to your letter dated the *%#@!-ing 18th of FEBRUARY, in reference to your original application in *&#!@ OCTOBER, we are asking for the following information. .  .

  • percent employed/hours worked
  • level
  • guidance during the period
  • work/study experience
for the following two student nursing experiences in the summer of 1996."

Are.     You.     Kidding.     Me?

Yes, that's right folks. They want to know how many hours I worked, and what kind of supervision I received in two part-time student nursing summer internships fifteen years ago.

There are a few problems with this, and no, I did not make up these jobs. I contacted the hospital of the more, shall we say, legitimate student experience. They have rather sparse information on me, and said, "we probably just destroyed any paper records in the last month or two, because we're not required to keep that forever." Understandable. I have essentially destroyed any records I have of that experience, as well, thinking it would never be important. But with the second job, a utterly hellish home-health-aide position, the situation is even trickier: the company no longer exists. Out of business, taken over by another agency, closed for violating laws. . . I'll never know. I've put out a few feelers to other students who worked there as well, and wondering if perhaps I had a letter of some sort when I applied for my first nursing job in 1997, but those are big stretches. 

I hope to get this information gathered as quickly as possible, although I thought it was very generous that SAFH requested that I have it all submitted by November 1st, 2011. 

Who's in a hurry? Not them, obviously. . . 


  1. Remind me, why did we move to Norway? Oh, Emily, this is a joke! I hope you manage to get this sorted!

  2. Hopefully you can laugh about this someday! Right now, it must be a bizarre nightmare to try and get documentation of this ancient history.
    Good luck!