Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's a Fun Happy Positive Blog Entry!

My father told me "it's time to post something nice on your blog. Your last two entries have been negative." (This was prior to my scathing Påske post). And then he corrected my grammar. TWICE. 

Sigh. . . okay, Dad. I'll write something nice. Like, how about. . . . your visit to Norway! 
The Three G's: Grandma,
Grandpa and Greta

My parents are pensjonister (retirees), and are spending my inheritance* by buying and then driving an RV around Europe for 3 months every summer**. This will be Year #4. They kicked off this year by first flying to Norway to visit us for a few days, and will wrap up the summer by eventually driving the RV to Lillehammer (by way of England) and storing it in Norway for the winter. Year #5 (2012) they will tour Scandinavia.

So, Grandma and Grandpa visited Greta, and provided great laps and cuddle time with lots and lots of story reading. And despite the jetlag, we visited a few must-sees: the ducks up the road in the canal, Greta's barnehage, the view from the top of the ski jumps just up the road from us, and the view from the bottom of the ski jumps just down the road from us, and of course the open air museum Maihaugen. It was a bit chilly, but sunny, with beautiful views of the valley below. But let's face it: they didn't come to Norway to see Norway. . . they came to see Greta.

*It's okay--I can make this joke--they did it first!
**You can read their own crazy adventures on their blog. Yes, my parents have a blog:


  1. I for one, love your negative blog posts! They make me feel normal!
    Enjoy your parents!

  2. Hah! I get the same - when am I going to write a postive blog about Norway? (but jees! I really think I'm trying to be funny about it!) I think expat blogging is just about trying to process things in a good way - for me anyway.

    So nice your family could be with you for Easter!

  3. Shame on me for not giving you a heads up when I came into town! I even thought about it and then just totally spaced. I am disappointed with myself! Ugh!

    Don't make the same mistake as me! If you guys make it out this way, please let me know!! :D

    And also---shame on my parents for not coming and visiting me! Hehe. But then again they aren't pensionister so.... ;)